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There's no way we could buy the kind of feedback we get from our clients. We have to earn it every day. So we have to build relationships.

It all starts with your sales rep. First of all, he or she is actually a he or a she - not some automated phone menu or an internet order form. Your rep is a human being, complete with a fully functioning brain. And those brains store mountains of helpful stuff like "product knowledge," "experience" and even "the names of your kids." Using that sophisticated thinking device up there in his or her skull, your rep can make product recommendations, keep you informed, provide samples and do all kinds of other impressive tricks. You can even ask your rep to sing you a song. But some are better at that than others.

By the way, keep in mind that the word "sales" in "sales rep" doesn't mean they're all about the bottom line. Got a software question? Want a plan about saving time and money on your projects? Looking for a good chili recipe? Just ask your rep and if he or she can't figure it out, we'll find someone who can.

If you are a signshop, distributor or professional who requires the best priced quality media in large quantities, call us at 1-800-576-8182. We will work with you to work out a pricing arrangement that best fits your needs.

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